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Moab’s weather is a bit tricky — after all, Mother Nature must contend with high mountain elevations, dry desert air and chilly water from the Colorado River. So, temperatures can fluctuate up to 40 degrees in a single day, especially in the mountain valleys and mesas, which can be 10 to 20 degrees cooler.

Thankfully, the range of outdoor activities available in the Moab area supplies visitors with endless options for recreation at ideal temperatures. Weatherwise, the most popular seasons in Moab are Spring and Fall.

June through mid-September is Moab’s “warm season,” when average daily temps range between 68º and 86º F. Late November through February is Moab’s “cold season” with average daily temps ranging between 50º F and 35º F.

No matter what the weather forecast, outdoor enthusiasts visit Moab year-round — enjoying unique wilderness adventures surrounded by Moab’s rare natural beauty. To squeeze the most fun out of your visit to Moab, simply choose the season that best suits your adventurous spirit.

We encourage you to enjoy our outdoor adventure that is well suited March 1 thru November 1, T-Rex 4×4 Tours, where YOU get to drive on the famous Hell’s Revenge Trail. You get the fun and excitement of driving, yet the confidence of knowing you are on the trail with an experienced guide from the Moab Tourism Center. For more information please call (435) 259-0959 or stop in at our convenient downtown location at 606 South Main Street.


April and May

One of the most popular seasons in Moab is springtime, when wildflowers bloom early in the low country and linger awhile longer in the high mountains. Daytime highs average 60º to 80º F and lows average 30º to 50º F.  Naturally, springtime is also host to many special events in Moab, such as biking competitions and art festivals.


June, July and August

Summer swoops into Moab in June bringing extremely low humidity and scarce cloud cover, which results in cool mornings, hot days near 100º F and above, and remarkably comfortable evenings as low as 60º F.  Cool morning temps are ideal for rigorous outdoor activities, and hot afternoons are quenched by water sports and scenic drives. Summer sunsets are always breathtaking, and occasionally, rainstorms manifest sudden waterfalls down Moab’s towering sandstone cliffs.


Mid September through October

Fall slowly transforms Moab into bright reds and yellows that amplify Moab’s stunning red rock landscape. Temperatures are quite comfortable, ranging between daily highs around 70º F and lows near 40º F — luring hikers, bikers, golfers and other outdoor enthusiasts to Moab’s red rock playground.


November through March

Winters are mild in Moab’s lower elevations, and quite cold up yonder — where temperatures average between 10 and 50 degrees. Heavy snowfall is uncommon, except in the nearby mountain range. But, local trails and roads can become impassable with even light snowfall. Still, skiers and snowmobilers delight in the winter wonderland.