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Private Tour Priced For 2 People!
Additional Passenger

Private 4×4 Tours in Moab, UT

Drive upon a petrified sandstone roller coaster on the two of the most popular trails in Moab: Fins N’ Things and Hell’s Revenge. This is a 3.5 hour tour accommodated for your group’s desires in the most exquisite, red rock backcountry in the world. With your own exclusive guide, learn about the classic stories that happened right under your feet. You will receive the utmost attention and guidance throughout the whole tour and fall in love with the red rock landscapes.

Have the benefit of only your friends and family along the ride with undivided attention from your professional and personal guide to enhance your destination. Enjoy the tour that is customized specifically for you. The private tour is an opportunity to make memories with your loved ones that will last for at lifetime. This is the ultimate adventure to take action behind the wheel, or ride along with a guide, to explore Moab.

Additional Information

  • The tour includes two machines: one machine that the guide drives that seats up to three passengers, and another machine for a u-drive experience that seats up to four passengers. This private tour could seat as many as seven passengers!
  • It is $449, plus tax, for a two person minimum fare; it will be only an additional $149 for each added passenger. You will receive one private guide with included snacks and drinks. Private tours are at 9:15 am and a sunset tour that departs about 3.5 hours before sunset.

If we provide exceptional service, gratuity is always appreciated! Suggested tipping is 15% – 20%!