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99.9% Of The Time Our Customers Do This Trail!

Treat Yourself to an Unforgettable Journey through Moab and beyond!

The grandeur of Moab is something you must see to believe, and charting your own journey deep into Moab’s magnificent backcountry is the perfect way to experience some of the planet’s most jaw-dropping scenery.

Driving along Moab’s scenic byways immerses you in fascinating wilderness and surrounds you with irresistible beauty. One route in particular offers something for everyone in your group — miles and miles of spectacularly scenic trails winding down precipitous switchback’s, through remote desert landscapes, and past countless red rock formations.

This route also treats you to stunning glimpses of the mighty Colorado River, deep canyon bottoms, dinosaur tracks, ancient rock art and local wildlife. Yet, your toughest challenge on this easy scenic route is keeping your eyes on the road during the five to six-hour journey.

To catch all these incredible sights and truly savor Moab’s tranquility, drive north on HWY 191 and take the turn off for Potash Road/HWY 279 on your left about one mile past the bridge.

Wind along Potash Road/HWY 279 as it runs past the Colorado River and through the famous “Wall Street” area — a favorite spot for rock climbing. Be sure to watch for petroglyphs (ancient Native American rock art dating back thousands of years) along the south-facing cliffs in the canyon walls.

Continue along Potash Road/HWY 279 to Shafer Trail — an old cattle trail constructed by John Shafer in 1917. When the search for ore and uranium became popular in the 1950s, miners turned the old Shafer cattle trail into a truck route to move ore mined from the White Rim area out toward Moab. On this part of the journey, you’ll join a long history of drivers who carefully traversed the same hairpin curves to the top of the plateau.

Shafer Trail also takes you past one of the most iconic scenes in movie history, where BFFs Thelma and Louise plunged their 1966 Thunderbird right off the cliff. So, keep your eyes peeled for “Thelma and Louise Point.”

Eventually, Shafer Trail meets White Rim Trail. You will want to turn right onto White Rim Trail, and start making your way the steep switchbacks. This is where it gets exciting, stunning scenery with cliffs on the side of the road. Just go slow and take it easy. You will want to watch for vehicles coming down the mountain, and pull over in area where there is more space.

After conquering the switchbacks of the White Rim Trail, when you hit pavement, you will want to turn right on to on HWY 313. Take HWY 313 to Dead Horse Point Road, where you can stop and look back upon a panoramic view of your journey thus far. Be sure to allow ample time for staring, leering and gawking. After Dead Horse Point, turn right back on to HWY 191, and make your way down the road to Gemini Bridges. Turn right on to Gemeni Bridges, and enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way to HWY 191. At HWY 191 turn right, and make your way back to town about 20 minutes away.

This is an amazing scenic adventure, that you will remember for years to come!