The Hike In Negro Bill Canyon

Negro Bill Canyon is a well-known hike around Moab. The hike is family friendly, pet friendly, and serves as a standard route to Morning Glory Bridge. The hike is tolerable even in the hottest time of the year because there is a year-round stream at the bottom of the canyon. The Negro Bill Canyon is one hike that you could do each and every time you come to Moab and you will never get bored of it.

The hike located in Moab area is between 4 to 6 miles in length. It ascends a beautiful and narrow canyon to a picturesque natural bridge. Between the sheer sandstone walls flows a small stream which creates a lush desert oasis with a varying collection of plant and animal life. Although there are rocks at the several stream crossings and getting wet is one of the fun parts of the hike, you still need appropriate footwear. In the rocky areas, you might need minor scrambling to get through.

The hike begins from the parking area at the mouth of the Negro Bill Canyon. This is along route 128 and about 3.1 miles east of its junction (with U.S. 191). Make sure proper attention is paid to your odometer here so that you will not miss the canyon. On the second bridge side is the natural bridge which is around 1.5 miles from the trailhead. There is a sign marked as ‘the route to Morning Glory Bridge’ at the mouth of the natural bridge. Ensure you pay close attention here because you could easily miss it.

At the end of the side canyon, there is the Morning Glory Natural Bridge located on the right. The bridge is well-known because it is the sixth longest natural rock span in the United States of America. It has a span of two hundred and forty-three feet and has an impressive sight. On getting here, some people still continue to hike on because the whole canyon is picturesque. But if you are almost exhausted, just hike back following the same route in which you came.

A lot of people even take their dogs along when hiking in Negro Bill Canyon, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times accoring to BLM regulations.

Negro Bill Canyon used to be called Nigger Bill Canyon until the 1960s. The canyon is part of Colorado River watershed and its stream flows directly into Colorado River’s main channel. The canyon is named after William Granstaff who prospected and ran cattle in the desert canyon in the 1870’s. 

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Written By

Shon Walter
Moab Tourism Center